Who We Are

”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Apparent PR is a music/artist consultant agency founded by Bo Valentino.

Growing up around one of the biggest bands in the world Bo was fortunate enough to have an inside look into the workings of success most people only dream of. The Rockstar life style, private jets, stadium shows, the legions of fans at every corner of the globe, the freedom of doing something you love every day to make others happy. Bo saw all this first hand.

After working between the US, Ireland and the UK on various music projects, Bo found his calling in band development and management. He has combined his knowledge of performance, psychology, band development, health and marketing to form Apparent PR.

Bo has successfully formed and taken unsigned bands to heights they never dreamed of.
In just six months he took an unknown band, with no press or presence, from a tiny rehearsal room in Ireland to SXSW in Austin, Texas and then to CMJ in New York City.

He took another band from playing basement club gigs to a 14,000 seater arena in North America.

Moves like this are unprecedented in the music world, and demonstrate how Bo thinks uniquely to advance the careers of bands.

The secrets within the industry at the top level are applicable to every artist and band. Adopting these approaches early on will separate you from the crowd of struggling bands and transform you into a band with a defined course of action.

Team Apparent is constantly growing, with exciting additions designed to help you in your music career. From image consultants and state of the art web design, to goal setting and songwriting workshops.

Apparent PR is based in Richmond London and work across the world, redefining how bands advance their career.

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