Web Design

”With confidence, you have won before you have started’‘ – Marcus Garvey

Without a proper web presence in this day and age, it is very difficult to get taken seriously. Apparent PR understand this and offer a complete web design package.

We will build your website to your specifications and show you how to manage it. This will give you the power of marketing and out of the diluted pool of Facebook and Twitter pages. By managing the site yourself, you are in complete control of content, product and growth.

Some web builders charge as much as £800 for a website and then a continual fee for maintenance.
Apparent PR will build your website for an affordable cost and not charge you a maintenance fee, as we will show you how to maintain your site yourself. We also offer you support after we have built your site, in case you have any questions.

We integrate all social media to a bands website, to act as a central hub for all activity.

Starting at £299, we can do the following

  • Web site design
  • Facebook and Twitter design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Web site management