How many bands are trying to become successful in the UK?
A recent figure from the Music Union put it at around 600,000 bands. Out of this, maybe 20 might go somewhere. The reason that the others are not successful is not because of lack of talent, but a lack of direction and PR.

What is PR?
PR is Public Relations. The job of a PR company is to approach media outlets (radio, TV, blog, magazine, etc.) and generate press for a band for either a release, gig or general buzz.

What makes Apparent PR different?
Many PR agents will not take on under-developed bands or take the time to develop them. They want the finished product before they even hear from you. Some PR agencies accept a band’s money and produce no results, draining the band’s drive and finances. This is all too common a story.
Apparent PR takes the steps to work with a band to develop and consult with them to ensure their goals and direction are set. This opens up a world of opportunity and allows your band to grow and advance its career.

We give you our full attention. We will reply to all your emails and calls and give you the time you deserve. We are classified ”apparently” as PR, but in practice we are a musician/band development agency.

What is Band Development?
Band Development is the process of taking a band and focusing on their passions and strengths to ensure they have a solid foundation. Our team at Apparent PR covers all aspects of development from scheduling to fashion to producing. The band is always in full control and we never try to take over a band. We show the band their options and help guide them in a productive direction. Apparent PR is very unique in its approach as we utilise skills outside the music industry to maximise efficiency within.

What does my money get me?
By hiring Apparent PR you are getting your band developed on a month by month basis. The exact program differs from band to band, so your Apparent PR experience is tailored to your strengths and abilities. Your money pays for expert analysis and development of your band on a variety of levels, as well as tapping into our vast contact list to push you into the world.

Why does PR cost so much?
Music is a business. Marketing and promotion are integral parts of any business. We work on creating the magic with you in the rehearsal room, live and in the studio and then taking it into the world. The hours this takes and the specialists we use cost money.
Apparent undercuts many PR and management agencies. Some PR/Development companies can charge as much as £35,000 for a single campaign and that doesn’t even guarantee success.

We have streamlined our approach, and we understand that bands don’t make a lot of money at the start of their career.

To get your head around it, a one month development for a  4 piece band is £600. Divide this by 4 and that’s £150 each for the month. That works out at £37.50 a week, around the price of dinner and night out.
In the big picture it’s a very tiny amount to invest into something that has such grand potential. If you are serious about making it in music, you need to invest in yourself.

You are investing in your future and, in doing so, giving yourself the best possible start into the music world.

Do you travel outside London to develop bands?
Yes, we do. We have ventured from Ireland to mainland Europe for bands. Thanks to technology, we can also utilise communication tools like Skype and Viber for quick scheduled meetings if distance is an issue. Should we need to travel around the UK we outline our travel costs clearly before proceeding.

Does hiring Apparent PR guarantee success?
In the music industry is that there are no guarantees. The phrase ”The harder you work, the luckier you get” is as true in music as it is anywhere. All you can do is your very best, and choosing Apparent PR will help you progress forward in the music industry.

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